Trusted Advisors and Assessors

Integrity Insight International professionals provide experienced, objective, practical counsel. As experts in the ethics and compliance field for decades, we have helped great organizations improve their cultures of integrity in many ways.

How We Achieve Results

Ethics and Compliance assessments and monitoring. We help organizations maximize effectiveness, allocate limited resources and meet the expectations of governments and their Boards by conducting Ethics and Compliance assessments and monitoring.

  • Risk assessments emphasize a company’s legal and ethical/reputational risks.
  • Program assessments focus on the efforts an organization has made to implement a compliance program and strengthen a culture of integrity.
  • Culture assessments identify how employees perceive the organizational culture and evaluate how this supports and/or undermines ethics and compliance.
  • Integrated assessments combine elements of Risk, Program and Culture assessments to provide one integrated view.
  • Monitoring engagements are customized depending on the terms of the agreement with the government.

The best approach for your organization depends on many factors, including expectations of the Board, leadership and external parties; maturity state of the program; previous assessment history; and budget. Sometimes these assessments are focused on a particular geographic area, business, country, or cultural issue. Often they are comprehensive. Talk with us about which approach makes the most sense for you.

Consulting. Being the Ethics and Compliance Officer or General Counsel can be a lonely job. Many of these highly regarded professionals count on us to listen sensitively, counsel wisely and help implement as appropriate.

  • Communications. We develop world class Codes of Conduct, coherent policies and CEO/senior leader communications.
  • Human resources. We work with Human Resources and Compliance to integrate ethics and compliance into hiring, performance appraisal, disciplinary and exit processes.
  • Sensitive services. Investigations, executive coaching and organizational structure reviews.
  • Temporary compliance officer. For the highest quality help when you need it most.
  • Strategic advice and counsel. Everything else.

We customize all consulting and training based on the client’s situation. Please talk with us to see if we are a good fit to help with yours.

Stories of Our Success