Ken Stewart Retired Vice President and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Edison International/Southern California Edison

“When we were digging out from under a messy ethical lapse in our company, we went looking for the best partner we could find to help us. Fortunately, we found Steve Priest. Steve guided us through a complete revamp and enhancement of our ethics and compliance program, including assessing our needs, getting commitment from senior management, creating our first full-time ethics office, upgrading our code of conduct, communicating our message internally and externally, and designing and implementing a first-class training program. Steve had an amazing ability to connect with people at all levels of our company. He earned the trust and respect of our board of directors. He captivated a hotel ballroom full of corporate officers, thereby laying a solid foundation for everything we did subsequently. He won over hardened linemen, skeptical office workers, beleaguered middle-managers, and others at all levels of the company with sincerity, wisdom, and humor. Steve was always someone we could go to with the thorniest problems and receive insightful and practical counsel. I believe Steve was our single greatest external asset as we built almost from scratch a first-rate ethics and compliance program, repaired our corporate reputation, and re-enshrined integrity as our most important company value.”