Engaging minds and hearts

Several years ago, the first ethics consulting firm Steve founded, Ethical Leadership Group (now the Advisory Services arm of Navex Global), conducted extensive surveys at a mid-size company. They found that employees who had received off the shelf computer based training perceived management’s commitment to doing the right thing to be worse than those who had received no training at all. What went wrong? In this case just about everything.

III helps organizations that recognize that the biggest cost of training is the time of the participants. We help organizations leverage the time you have in front of employees, instead of just tracking completion. Our speaking and training engages the hearts and minds of your people in ways meaningful to their jobs and lives.

Whether you are looking for

  • A speech for hundreds of people after dinner
  • An interactive session for your leaders, Board or compliance team
  • An all-day workshop for a group or team
  • A multi-faceted, multimedia approach to strengthening a culture of integrity
  • Or anything in between

Contact us for more information on how we can help you turn training from a mandatory, “have to get through this by Friday” duty to a catalyst for more effective individual and organizational performance.

Stories of Our Success

A Sampling of Our Training

The experts at III adapt their presentation styles for the situation, from high energy platform delivery to adept facilitation. The clip above shows Steve leading a session using anonymous voting technology to engage a large audience. This session was then packaged into a web based program for all employees.

These clips shows Steve in a roundtable discussion videotaped for distribution to all employees. This forum called for a less animated approach.