Integrity is not just a requirement,
it's an asset.

Steve Priest, our founder, has been working with organizations to develop effective compliance programs since 1993. Maryann Clifford successfully led BP’s ethics and compliance efforts in one of the most challenging situations faced by any company ever.

In our work in over 50 countries, with over 100 of the world’s finest organizations, we’ve learned that ethics is the foundation of effective compliance programs. Regulators and prosecutors understand this. A “check the boxes” approach to compliance does not work. When employees face a conflict between their organization’s culture and its Code of Conduct, training or even the CEO’s speeches, culture wins. Therefore to achieve ethics and compliance you need to strengthen your organization’s culture of integrity.

That’s where we help. Through assessments, consulting, and training, we act to engage your leadership, board and employees. We provide insight to guide and inspire action. We turn compliance from a negative, “anti-business” stereotype to a strategic asset that strengthens integrity, trust and corporate performance.

The foundation of a successful organization is trust—trust with customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, regulators. Work to keep it. We’d like to help.

Insight to strengthen your organization’s culture of integrity and performance.

“Mr. Priest has become one of the most sought consultants to keep companies on the straight and narrow.”

The Wall Street Journal


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