About Steve Priest

My work is focused at the intersection of ethics, culture and leadership, especially in international organizations. I specialize in working with boards of directors, senior leaders and ethics and compliance teams to strengthen cultures of integrity.

The Wall Street Journal described me as “one of the most sought consultants to keep companies on the straight and narrow.” I have:

• Consulted “on the ground” in 50 countries with over 25% of the Fortune 200.
• Trained more than forty Boards of Directors and senior leadership teams, including Nobel laureates, CEOs and (retired) senior politicians.
• Served as the trusted, “go-to” adviser for CEOs, GCs, and Compliance Officers when organizations are in trouble, assisting with assessments, strategies, and communications within and outside the organization.
• Been relied upon by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the US Department of Justice, the US Department of Defense and the UK Ministry of Defense to objectively assess organizational culture and compliance programs.
• Been approved by the government of India to conduct anti-bribery training and coaching in a sensitive case.
• Written the most widely imitated Codes of Conduct in the world, read by millions of employees.
• Informed and entertained hundreds of audiences with a skilful blend of facilitation and platform skills as well as conveying serious messages with a sense of humor.